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1. When was QCFI Established?
2. Which one is not a distinguishing feature of CWQC?
3. Which type of graph is more suitable for observing the trends:
4. If brainstorming seems to slow down, leader may suggest:
5. Who showed Dr. Juran that the salary of General Motors’s executives is in line with Pareto’s theory?
6. Quality Planning, Quality Control & Quality Improvement is known as?
7. Among three types of Cause & Effect Diagram, which type of Cause & Effect Diagram’s main Headers are not known, prior to find out sub sub sub causes?
8. For planning which activity chart will be better?
9. Test Question टेस्ट प्रश्न
10. Who should be the member of Quality Circle?
11. A simple data collection and analysis format which is intended to provide quick answers to simple questions is known as
12. Lean Quality Circle is :-
13. As per Dr. K Ishikawa, which circle is called as “ Sleeping Circle”.
14. Can an Executive from a different department be a Facilitator in another area?
15. What is the primary objective of Quality Circle?
16. For chronic problems, Dr. Juran suggested project by project method. What is the last step to be followed in this step?
17. What is the second stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A.V. Feignbaum?
18. “However sophisticated a process may be it will be impossible to produce two products identically same” who said this?
19. Whose responsibility is to keep the QC activities on the right track?
20. Decision symbol in a flow diagram is shown by:
21. In a P-D-C-A Cycle under which segment will first, data collection comes?
22. For the totality of all possible observations, we can think of, is known as:
23. Knowledge of problem solving is must for
24. Out of 500 observations, whose range is 6.8 and the Least count of the measuring instrument is 0.4. find class width.
25. During the Q and A sessions after Case Study Presentation by LQC Team Answer will be given by :-
26. A Quality Circle group made Pareto Diagram of accidents resulting in physical injuries (Finger, Eyes, Arms and legs). Name the Pareto
27. Out of the 5 key elements identified by J P Guilford on human ability to be creative, willingness to contribute to achieve end goal without fear of failure is termed as ---
28. Decision symbol in a flow diagram is shown by which symbol?
29. Alex Osborn has given the technique of
30. Evaluating the outcome of work, it has two methods, one is checking causes, what is other
31. What was the name of the Association of Japan’s Chief Executives?
32. As per the Dr. Juran’s twelve steps of problem solving, what is the 12th step?
33. If the least count of a balance is 2 gm and the minimum weight out of 289 packets checked is 98 gms. What should be the lower limit of the first class interval?
34. How many defective pieces will be in a lot of 20000 pieces of toy, if the process is adjudged as 3 sigma level?
35. What is the prime objective of attending any convention?
36. In a flow diagram what does a rectangle represent:
37. Name the concept which is a “study and application group” for learning development and improvement.
38. Which Quality Guru Shunned publicity and wanted to be known by what he writes rather than what others write about him?
39. Who taught Quality control to the Japanese after World War II?
40. In which year the concept of Lean Quality Circle developed?
41. Under which dimension of management role, it requires to help people to put in to practice what is learnt by constant assistance, guidance and support?
42. Is idea of Kaizen are restricted to the area of one’s function or work only?
43. JUSE Japan has changed one important element in Dr. K. Ishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle.
44. Expand the abbreviation JUSE.
45. Primary leadership Qualities in QC Leader can be developed through whom?
46. In which type of brainstorming Hitch hiking is not possible?
47. A rhombus or diamond represents what aspect in a flow diagram?
48. “Quality Control should be part of Management control” who said this?
49. Which one is not the purpose of nominating a Facilitator for a QC?
50. Is leadership of Quality Circle rotatable?
51. Generally data are of two types. One is Measurable data, what is the second one?
52. To honour Dr. Deming’s contribution, the Japanese established prizes, in his name in two major categories,]
53. For correct data analysis representative sampling is recommended. This means.
54. This symbol is called
55. What is Hitch hiking?
56. Which one is the best method for selection of problem in Quality Circle?
57. What is the first stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A.V. Feignbaum?
58. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as?
59. Which of the problem solving tools is a graphical representation of a cause and effect between two variables?
60. During development of solution stage in a group LQC, which type of brainstorming will be more useful?
61. The Measurable data can be measured with the help of:
62. The results of Trial implementation and regular implementation
63. How to implement 5’S at hove?
64. A simple data recording form specially designed so that data can be interpreted readily from the sheet itself is known as
65. Out of three dimensions of management’s role to sustain the Quality Circles, oneis listening, second is Teaching, what is third one?
66. Which Quality Guru donated his manuscripts to Indian Statistical Institute?
67. Which one is not among three dimensions of Management role to sustain the quality circle?
68. What are not correct with the Advantages of Jagruti Group?
69. Purpose of data collection is:
70. In LQC, the process of solving the problem is:
71. When a process is following normal distribution what percentage of observations fall outside the 3 sigma limits?
72. What is the advantage of Quality Circle ?
73. In order to oppose stagnancy, continuous improvement for progress is the simple principle of----:
74. When should be problem identified:
75. Which tool/technique is required for the generation of ideas in problem listing, finding out causes, and solutions of the problem?
76. Which one is Attribute Data?
77. JUSE, Japan, has changed one important element in Dr. K. Ishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle, regarding membership, Which is that?
78. Quality is “Fitness for us” Who defined it this way?
79. For time planning of Quality circle activities, which type of chart is not used?
80. For a control chart the Upper and Lower Control limits are set at:
81. What is the third stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A.V. Feignbaum?
82. Who gave the concept of “Zero defect” and wrote the book Quality without tears?
83. What is Round Robin Method?
84. Which one is not among the three dimensions of Management role to sustain the quality circle?
85. Who bequeathed his personal library including his manuscripts to Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata?
86. The Attribute data can be measured with the help of:
87. The impact of kaizen is long lasting in the process with ----------- change
88. Kaizen means on going improvement involving from:
89. What is Housekeeping in 5’S?
90. In Brainstorming, which one is correct?
91. From which year the most crucial breakthrough came in the modern Quality movement?
92. For establishing Total Quality Management in the organization, whose responsibility is to provide long term stability through building up the cadres down the line.
93. Who said that “Engineers, who passed judgment based on the experimental data must know statistical methods by heart.”?
94. When to do Five-S?
95. Person who was responsible for propounding the theory of Design of Experiments is.
96. Which type of Graph is more suitable for observing the total marks and subject wise marks
97. For maintaining & control on a running process, we may use
98. Name the journal published by JUSE which became the house hold names as per Dr. J.M. Juran?
99. It is the principle of --------- that any one can give idea related to their concern area only:
100. Flow diagram is used for:
101. Who should take the lead in changing the culture for the permeationof Quality in an organization?
102. 5’S concepts is the Gate way of ---
103. For making Histogram, 630 observations were taken. The highest reading is 96.2 gms and the lowest reading is 93.8 gms. If the least count of balance is 0.2 gm, calculate first class interval.
104. A small circle in a Flow Diagram is an indication of
105. “The age of excessive caution is over, one who cannot enter the new age by crossing the bridge cannot be a top manager”, whose statement is this?
106. What is not the stages of statistical integrity?
107. Which tool/techniques will help us to have clarity of the process without visiting the actual work spot?
108. Quality Circle concept was started in India in the year:
109. Normally, which tool/technique you are use for the identification of problems
110. Whose responsibility is to monitor Quality Circle activities regularly and suggest corrective actions if needed
111. Which one of the following is not a natural (or rational) sub group?
112. Ability of a mind to move from one area (idea) to another area (idea) quickly, belongs to which key element of human creativity ?
113. What is the purpose behind an oral presentation by QCC Team before a gathering?
114. Who developed sampling techniques that were used for conducting 1940’s census in the USA?
115. Who observed that Quality defects are unequal in frequency?
116. As per western approach ---------- rewards were based on proportionate to worth of ideas:
117. Five political parties are standing for election. An agency has conducted an opinion poll on a sample basis and collected Information on all the parties regarding “for” or “against”. Which graphical representation would best depict all the above information in one graph?
118. Which type of problem should be taken first from the following
119. Are Kaizen and Innovations inseparable component for improvement, like two sides of a coin?
120. Improvements by comparison can be arrived at by
121. Elementary Statistical method consisting of 7 tools has to be used by every one and 95% of all the problems in a company can be solved by the use of these tools, who said this?
122. In which magazine did Dr. K. Ishikawa wrote that the study group be renamed as Quality Control Circle?
123. “Ways and means of achieving objective” is called
124. How does frog behaviours of a member can wreck a meeting?
125. How to represent data for easy understanding purposes even for a lay man:
126. The word KAIZEN is made with two words one is KAI which means:
127. What is Hitch hiking in brainstorming?
128. Is Cause & Effect Diagram an effective way to organize and display various themes about probable root causes:
129. In the Round Robin Method of Brainstorming, what should a member do if he has no idea during his turn?
130. इनपुट साधनेThe famous Deming award for accomplishment in quality to individuals and companies was initiated where?
131. For identification of problems which type of brainstorming may be used?
132. When was the revised definition of the concept of QCC introduced by JUSE?
133. What could be the obvious conclusion, if a standard has not been revised for a long time?
134. Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on
135. A graphical presentation of the relationship between two variables is known as
136. Lean Quality Circle is :-
137. The purpose of drawing a cumulative line in Pareto Diagram is to identify:
138. Who is famous for their Logical thinking:
139. Dr. Juran identified the phenomenon of ‘the vital few and useful many’ it is famous as..........
140. What was the primary importance given by Europe and USA During implementation of Quality Circle, and which caused declining the concepts in this contries?
141. In a Flow Diagram, what does the rectangle represent?
142. Who is famous for his Creative thinking:
143. The famous Deming awards for the accomplishment in quality to individuals and companies were initiated in
144. What is the basic objective of Quality Circle?
145. A simple tabular format for recording data where additional processing is needed for interpretation is called:
146. For establishing Total Quality Management in the organization, whose responsibility is to provide long term stability through building up the cadres down the line.
147. JUSE, Japan has changed one important element in Dr. K. Ishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle, What is that specified?
148. Which one of the following is not a typical feature of TQM?
149. Which Quality Guru received the unique honour of developing sampling technique in 1940’s?
150. Which tool/technique will help us to represent large amount of information comprehensively and in a compact manner?
151. Which one is Continuous Data
152. Where can we use the concept of Five-S?
153. As per JP Guilford, Flexibility is one of the key element of Human Creativity, can be measured?
154. Organizations who have won the Deming Prize, can apply for which prestigious award?
155. Should the Facilitator be rotated?
156. Expand the abbreviation QCRG.
157. In Lean Quality Circle, Project is taken:-
158. The Lorenz Curve of Concentration is
159. Who popularised the Scatter Diagram?
160. For setting objective a QC should decide based on _____________?
161. Which one of the following charts is not an attribute control chart:
162. What is the origin (country) of Five-S Concept?
163. Which one is not used for selection of problem?
164. For fast growth economy with large investment, it gives dramatic result in a short time
165. Who is the pioneer of the Five-S Concept?
166. What is the definition of Quality as per the Dr. J. M. Juran?
167. How does Pareto diagram differ from other bar diagram?
168. What is the third step in six Sigma method for solving the problem?
169. In which concept quality is defined as “a step in which value entitlement is realized for the customers and provider in every aspect of the business relationship?
170. Which type of check sheet is meant to be placed in the drawing or sketch of the product so that location of defects can be identified and investigated?
171. In the context of Brain storming, the ability to look into the future is known as:
172. Once trial implementation is successful and approved by the management, whose responsibility is to implement in totality?
173. Which one of the actions is not part of the 4 steps approach given by Dr. J.M. Juran to analyse process flow chart?
174. How many Quality Circles, one Facilitator can guide?
175. Evaluating the outcomes of the work consist of two methods, one is checking the causes, what is other?
176. Which is the step in the sequence of Problem solving steps, where Brainstorming is used?
177. Why data collection is necessary
178. In ‘Root cause analysis’ step in problem solving, Quality Circle follow:
179. Lean Quality Circle invented in: -
180. Which one is not the specific feature of CWQC?
181. Who should get involved in Five-S?