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Welcome to QCFI Knowledge Test
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1. What could be the obvious conclusion, if a standard has not been revised for a long time?
2. The gains of seiri step of 5’S are
3. What is the slogan of Seiso?
4. If marks are given less than 5, remarks to be written. Who will write the remarks?
5. Which one is commonly used graph?
6. What ~wi1l be the approximate coefficient of correlation of radius and the area of the respective circles? The radius of 100 circles is 1cm, 2cm, 3cm,4cm, 5cm 99cm, 100cm respectively?
7. How is the In charge of Jaguruti Group is nominated?
8. Who differentiated Hygiene needs and motivational needs separately?
9. Five political parties are standing for election. An agency has conducted an opinion poll on a sample basis and collected Information on all the parties regarding “for” or“against”. Which graphical representation would best depict all the above information in one graph?
10. As per Dr. Deming, what is the heart of transformation?
11. What is the strategy for defect prevention?
12. What is LLF & S, explain
13. Which one is not the purpose of nominating a Facilitator for a QC?
14. The results of Trial implementation and regular implementation
15. What is to be sorted out in 1’S step of 5S
16. Whose primary job is it to develop people in the work area and enable them to achieve and feel pride in their achievement?
17. Which one is not the role of Council member of 5-S sub zone:
18. As per Dr. Juran, which activity is a “self-performance appraisal” in an organization that has to be carried out at all levels?
19. Materials in 2nd drawer of your working table in the office, should contain
20. What will be the next step in problem solving sequence, when the validity of the project checked, improvement observed and approved by the management?
21. Which Quality Guru donated his manuscripts to Indian Statistical Institute?
22. For fast growth economy with large investment, it gives dramatic result in a short time
23. In Toyota Production system, they have mentioned seven type of waste. But this was realized that there is one more major waste to be included as eighth waste. Which one is the eighth waste?
24. The standard deviation and range will give an indication of the
25. The word KAIZEN is made with two words one is KAI which means:
26. For identification of problems which type of brainstorming may be used?
27. Data Collection is necessary for:
28. When there are two Facilitators for one Project, they are called
29. What is the second stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A.V. Feignbaum?
30. Who observed that Quality defects are unequal in frequency?
31. If in a section there is one Section head and 14 employees working. How many maximum LQC can work at a time in this section?
32. For making Cause Enumeration type Cause and Effect diagram, we use two techniques, one is Stratification, what is other?
33. Knowledge of problem solving is must for
34. Which one does not belong to Elementary Statistical Method described by Dr. K. Ishikawa?
35. Whose responsibility is to ensure implement of “Innovation” in their organization?
36. When can a leader support Piggy-backing in Quality Circle meetings?
37. If the selected problem through priority / rating method is already taken by the other circle in other shift, then what would be decision of your circle?
38. In a sample of ethyl ethanoate (CH3COOC2H5) the two oxygen atoms have the same number of electrons but different number of neutrons. Which of the following is the correct reason for it?
39. Which tool/technique is required to segregate data according to contributing sources?
40. Out of following tools which one can be used for generating a list of problem?
41. Primary leadership Qualities in QC Leader can be developed through whom?
42. Lean Quality Circle invented in: -
43. As per guidance of the QCFI, in evaluation of your QC Register, the identified problems minus solved problems should be how much to get the full marks?
44. Normally, which tool/technique you use for the identification of problems
45. According to the third law of motion, action and reaction

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