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Welcome to QCFI Knowledge Test
Team name - Full Name of Leader
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1. What benefit you get after adoption of Office 5’S?
2. Which element of McGreor’s theory is applicable to Quality Circle Concept and its operation.
3. Whose responsibility is to convene a steering committee meeting
4. Why labelling in items is important in 5’S?
5. How to implement 5’S at hove?
6. Name the structured Kaizen group(managerial level) who helps the management in solving the problem for continuous growth of the organization:
7. Name the graphical device that aids in process control on-line?
8. Evolutionary progress plus continuous improvement, as a way of functioning, is known as..
9. The word KAIZEN is made with two words one is KAI and other is ZEN. What is the meaning of KAI:
10. As per JP Guilford, Flexibility is one of the key element of Human Creativity, can be measured?
11. To show the trend for different years in the total expenses and expenses with respect to different heads of the total, which type of graph would be better?
12. Which is the step in the sequence of Problem solving steps, where Brainstorming is used?
13. Dr. AV Faignbaum was best known through his article on….
14. Which of the following are physical changes?
15. What is the full form of CEDAC
16. A facilitator requires to be?
17. In Production Process Classification type Cause & Effect diagram:
18. The Attribute data can be measured with the help of
19. Who is known as the man who discovered quality?
20. In the sequence of problem solving steps, what is the step that comes just after “Define the Problem”
21. What is the full form of CWQC
22. How to dispose off unwanted confidential papers ?
23. In the sequence of Problem solving steps , name the steps which just comes before “Regular Implementation”
24. In QC all Tools & techniques have been divided in 3 phases. Write which one is not in Phase I
25. As per Pareto Principle “A large number of Road accidents are caused by a relatively small number of following causes”:
26. Red Tag area does not mean
27. Hygienic factors of motivation was introduced by
28. In Cause and Effect Diagram which “SW” is used?
29. Which tool/technique is called “offline quality control method”?
30. Whatis KEI-DAN-REN?
31. Which Elementary statistical tool was popularized by Dr Klshikawa in addition to Cause & Effect?
32. To show the sale of product , monthly, cumulative and comparison w the last twelve months, which graph will be suitable?
33. The inter relationship between causes and effect in a CE diagram is mainly:
34. Is idea of Kaizen are restricted to the area of one’s function or work only?
35. What is the last step in problem solving where graph and control chart can be used?
36. In which year, Dr. K. Ishikawa used cause and effect diagram in Kawasaki Iron Works.
37. Person who catalyzes and stimulates the Quality Circle is:
38. Which is not important point in Visual Management?
39. There are six members in a Quality circle Team, including the Leader and Dy Leader. How many maximum numbers of problems may identify in the first round through Round Robin Method of brainstorming ?
40. If problem is related with the variation of the product or process, which type of tool will not be useful in understanding the variation:
41. Which is the last step of the Problem Solving steps, where graph may be used?
42. Pareto graph is the combination of two graphs
43. Normally, those who helps in developing and implementing solutions of a problem are recognized in
44. Which chart is more useful for planning the activity of the Quality circle members:
45. For any variation in the quality, the two types of causes are responsible, one is Chance cause , what is other?

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