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Welcome to QCFI Knowledge Test
Team name - Full Name of Leader
Name of Company
1. Who expounded the revolutionary concept of quality loss function as the loss imparted by the producer to society from the time the product is shipped?
2. In Pareto analysis,we separate Vital few and Useful many from:
3. Which of the below is tangible gain?
4. As per western approach………….rewards were based on proportionate to worth of ideas:
5. If brainstorming seems to slow down, leader may suggest:
6. In which year the concept of Lean Quality Circle developed?
7. For making Pareto Diagram. two Elementary Tools are used, one is Stratification, name the others?
8. When seiso to be done ?
9. Japanese way of functioning , which is being followed by QCFI , also is to follow:
10. Which one is not true for Quality Circle meeting?
11. How to develop problem bank
12. QCFI will recommend the ‘QCFI & JUSE’ Joint certification audit to JUSE if:
13. Who made the 4 steps of PDCA wheel into six?
14. In deciding objectives and targets, policy must be stated clearly as below:
15. Is Kaizen part of TQC?
16. Who are regarded as the originator of modem graphics method?
17. How many persons to be selected for Jaguruti Group?
18. For making Histogram, 630 observations were taken. The highest reading is 96.2 gms and the lowest reading is 93.8 gms. If the least count of balance is 0.2gm , calculate first class interval.
19. When should be problem identified:
20. A is dependent on B if Coefficient of Correlation of A and B is - 0.9, What will be the contribution % of B to A
21. In compound graph bars are arranged in
22. For a control chart the Upper and Lower Control limits are set at:
23. In the sequence of Problem solving steps , name the steps which just comes before “Selection of Problem”
24. Which tool/technique is required for the generation of ideas in problem listing, finding out causes, and solutions of the problem?
25. Which Elementary statistical tool was popularized by Dr Klshikawa in addition to Cause & Effect?
26. An appropriate tool to study the problem of process variation is:
27. To show the contrasting trends between levels of independent variable which graph is better?
28. Organisms without nucleus and cell organelles belong to
29. Which is not the philosophy of Quality Circle as per Dr. K Ishikawa
30. Whose responsibility is to manage cleaning of Common places?
31. What is the last step in problem solving where graph and control chart can be used?
32. How to implement 5’S at home?
33. Which is not important point in Visual Management?
34. JUSE, Japan, has changed one important element in Dr. K. Ishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle, regarding membership, Which is that?
35. Office Name plate must contain followings:
36. For process control, what step should be taken just after analysing the variation?
37. For planning which activity chart will be better?
38. What is the Full form of QCFI
39. Which tool/technique will help us to have clarity of the process without visiting the actual spot?
40. As per J P Gilford, Flexibility is one of the key element of Human creativity. How Flexibility can be measured?
41. What was the name of the Association of Japan’s Chief Executives?
42. Which one belongs to elementary statistical method (7 tools):
43. Name the graphical device that aids in process control on-line?
44. To show the trend for different years in the total expenses and expenses with respect to different heads of the total, which type of graph would be better?
45. As per Dr Shewhart, the variation in process is due to

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