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Welcome to QCFI Knowledge Test
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1. Which one of the following Quality gurus lived for more than 100 years And died recently?
2. To analyse the problem in a process which type of Flow diagram to be used?
3. For fast growth economy with large investment, it gives dramatic result in a short time
4. What is the purpose of nominating a Facilitator for a QC?
5. Which statement is not applicable to Quality Circles?
6. A sign of Capable Process is
7. For converging from about 8 problems to one, what method do Quality Circles use in case of non-availability of data?
8. Which one is a compound graph:
9. The results of Trial implementation and regular implementation
10. What is not the stages of statistical integrity ?
11. If the formats are not proper and adequately prepared and tested in working condition, this may create error in interpretation
12. To show the sale of product , monthly, cumulative and comparison w the last twelve months, which graph will be suitable?
13. Expand the abbreviation SQC
14. As per Dr. Juran, which activity is a “self-performance appraisal” in an organization that has to be carried out at all levels?
15. A rhombus or diamond represents what aspect in a flow diagram?
16. In Quality Circle Attendance Register ,what is the meaning of ‘A’?
17. Leader’s position in circle is
18. “The age of excessive caution is over, one who cannot enter the new age by crossing the bridge cannot be a top manager”, whose statement is this?
19. Who is the pioneer of the Five-S Concept?
20. What was the primary importance given by Europe and USA during implementation of Quality Circle , and which caused to declining the concept in these countries?
21. Deming prize is a Japanese quality award for contribution to the field of quality control given to
22. A Quality Circle group made Pareto Diagram of accidents resulting in physical injuries (Finger, Eyes, Arms and legs). Name the Pareto
23. What is Housekeeping in 5’S?
24. As per Pareto Principle “A large number of Road accidents are caused by a relatively small number of following causes”:
25. In which magazine did Dr K Ishikawa wrote that the study group be renamed as Quality control Circle?
26. Whose responsibility is to maintain QC Register?
27. What is Hitch-hiking?
28. In which type of control chart the upper and lower control limits will not be constant but will be varying:
29. Who is known as father of Quality Control Circles?
30. In the structure of Quality Circle, those first line worker who are not the member of QC are known as:
31. When was the revised definition of the concept of QCC introduced byJUSE?
32. Most preferably Quality Circles should meet:
33. Data Collection is necessary for:
34. What is the second stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A. V Feignbaum?
35. Who taught Quality Control to the Japanese after World War II?
36. Flow many types of’ Data are there?
37. Give the chemical formulae for the following compounds and compute the ratio by mass of the combining elements in each one of them
38. Structured method of Brain storming is also known as
39. In the context of Brain storming, the ability to look into the future is known as:
40. Why data collection is necessary
41. In Brainstorming, which one is correct?
42. Quality is “Fitness for use” Who defined it this way?
43. Ability of a mind to move from one area (idea) to another area (idea) quickly, belongs to which key element of human creativity ?
44. In which type of Flow Diagram do we use different types of symbol
45. Which one is not a distinguishing feature of CWQC?

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