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Welcome to QCFI Knowledge Test
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1. After defining the problem, what are the steps in problem solving where milestone chart can be made except last step where comparative milestone i.e. planned and actual to be shown.
2. When did the Board of Directors of JTJSE formally resolved to create the Deming Prize in Dr. Deming’s honour.
3. Is cleaning a separate function?
4. Five political parties are standing for election. An agency has conducted an opinion poll on a sample basis and collected Information on all the parties regarding “for” or“against”. Which graphical representation would best depict all the above information in one graph?
5. Facilitator of a LQC Team helps
6. In Pareto diagram which Vertical side represents the percentage?
7. Focus Improvement is one of the pillar of. QIT is linked with Focus Improvement :
8. Cause and effect diagram is
9. For time planning of Quality circle activities, which type of chart is not used?
10. Which one is not Variable Control Chart?
11. Right decisions can be made
12. In a sample of ethyl ethanoate (CH3COOC2H5) the two oxygen atoms have the same number of electrons but different number of neutrons. Which of the following is the correct reason for it?
13. Quality is “Fitness for use” Who defined it this way?
14. For setting objectives a QC should decide based on______________
15. Flow diagram is used for:
16. The idea given to management on paper, to improve further, through modification in machine, process or product, is known as?
17. In Lean Quality Circle, Minimum number of Members including the Facilitator will be
18. What was the primary importance given by Europe and USA during implementation of Quality Circle , and which caused to declining the concept in these countries?
19. What are the motivational necessary events to sustain 5’S System?
20. The meaning of MUDA is:
21. QC functioning starts with
22. In Bell shape Histogram, the process Capability is denoted as below:
23. What will be the obvious conclusion about the standard which has notbeen revised?
24. In DMAIC, ‘Improvement’ consists of which step of the 12 steps of problem solving sequence
25. ‘PEEP’ is used in:
26. Normally, which tool/technique you use for the identification of problems
27. Expand the abbreviation TQM
28. Is Kaizen useful in 5-S concept?
29. Which one is not correct for 3 minutes Presentation of Steering Committee by HOD’s on 5’S?
30. Expand the abbreviation SQC
31. The word KAIZEN is made with two words one is KAI and other is ZEN. What is the meaning of KAI:
32. 5’S Home visit to be:
33. Lean Quality Circle is which type of Kaizen?
34. How many defective pieces will be in a lot of 20000 pieces of toy, if the process is adjudged as 3 sigma level?
35. In a systematic problem solving steps, which is the first step, where member gives their own ideas?
36. JUSE, Japan, has changed one important element in Dr. K. Ishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle, regarding membership, Which is that?
37. According to the third law of motion, action and reaction
38. Lean is about:
39. What’s the last step in Problem solving ,where graph and control chart can be used?
40. Quality is “Fitness for us” Who defined it this way?
41. Which one is not correct? Quality Circles are not
42. Who pioneered Quality Circles in Japan?
43. As long as variables are within the allowable limit we consider it as:
44. For better continuity and performance of Quality Circles, which one is the best frequency and duration of the meeting :
45. A CEO of a company wants to see the performance of three products in four different zones in very commonly graph. Which graph you would prefer

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