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1. Which tool/technique will help us to have clarity of the process without visiting the actual work spot?
2. Who is known as “the man who discovered quality”?
3. Where should the presence of an invitee or a potential member be marked in the QC Register?
4. Which chart is used to look for the control of the ‘dispersion’?
5. Whose responsibility is to convene a steering committee meeting
6. In the sequence of problem solving steps, what is the next step after ‘Data Analysis’
7. Which one is the best method for selection of a problem in Quality Circle?
8. The meaning of MUDA is:
9. “Quality control should be a part of management control” who said this?
10. Lean Quality Circle helps people for:
11. Once management declare some theme for improvement and employees come up with solutions are called:
12. In which year Kaizen was popularised?
13. Who wrote the book ”What is Total Quality Control - The Japanese Way”?
14. In the sequence of problem solving steps, what is the next step after ‘Trial Implementation’
15. What is the meaning of Micro level cleaning under Seiso?
16. What is the primary objective of Quality Circle?
17. Which Quality Guru received the unique honor of developing sampling technique in 1940’s?
18. Is seiso a day to day routine?
19. Name the Tool/Technique which is verbal data based on elementary statistical system can be considered responsible for the introduction of ‘New Seven Tools’?
20. Which is typically used to track and monitor the progress of a project.
21. In ‘Root cause analysis’ step in problem solving, Quality Circle follow:
22. When we can say that now ‘5-S’ has come in the blood of the people?
23. Dr. AV Faignbaum was best known through his article on….
24. What is not the strategy of Kaizen?
25. Generally data are of two types. One is Measurable Data, what is the second one?
26. Normally, those who helps in developing and implementing solutions of a problem are recognized in
27. What is Stratification?
28. How many persons are going for conducting 5’S self audit?
29. In the sequence of Problem solving steps , name the steps which just comes before “Define the Problem”
30. To develop 4th S, seiketsu, which one will be helpful:
31. The role of coordinator before going for management audit is:
32. Which type of kaizen would be helpful for SMED?
33. Which outside agencies can be involved in 5’S implementation?
34. Evaluating the outcomes of the work consist of two methods, one is checking the causes, what is other?
35. A graphical presentation of the relationship between two variables is known as
36. What could be the obvious conclusion, if a standard has not been revised fora long time?
37. Which type of problem should be taken first from the following
38. Red Tag not to provide on which items?
39. Whose responsibility is to keep the QC activities on the right track?
40. What is the role of Jaguruti group?
41. Who observed that Quality defects are of unequal in frequency?
42. Now a days, many icons are found on computers of most of the offices. What is the Five-S standard for number of icons?
43. What is Hitch-hiking?
44. To study if there is any correlation between ‘Months Expenses’ and ‘No of Tour’ which elementary tool should be used?
45. To honour Dr. Deming’s contribution, the Japanese established prizes, in his name in two major categories,