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1. When process is under control which type of variation occurs?
2. When to do Five-S?
3. Is Cause & Effect diagram, a substitute of Data?
4. In Pareto diagram, Cumulative line curve indicates
5. Primary leadership Qualities in QC Leader can be developed through whom?
6. Which one of the following is not a typical feature of TQM?
7. Collection of required information in figures for Statistical Analysis is known as?
8. Attribute date are called:
9. Which is not true for Quality Circle?
10. Dr. Ishikawa renamed the study group as Quality Control Circle in
11. Who created a course entitled “How to use experimental data?
12. Who are regarded as the originator of modem graphics method?
13. PDCA Diagram is known as___________
14. Whatis KEI-DAN-REN?
15. Which tool/technique is required for the generation of ideas in problem listing, finding out causes, and solutions of the problem?
16. In which type of Flow Diagram do we use different types of symbol
17. What is the prime objective of attending any convention?
18. When should be problem identified:
19. While drawing a Dispersion Type of Cause & Effect diagram, how the sub sub-sub causes may be arrived at?
20. Which quality Guru shunned publicity and wanted to be known by what he writes rather than what others write about him?
21. Basic idea of Deming Wheel came from
22. The impact of kaizen is long lasting in the process with ----------- change
23. DrJuran modified the term from ‘Vital few and Trivial many’ to ‘vital few and useful many’, with an opinion that:
24. Among three types of Cause & Effect Diagram, which type of Cause & Effect Diagram’s main Headers are not known, prior to find out sub sub sub causes?
25. In a flow diagram what does a rectangle represent:
26. As per the Dr. Juran’s twelve steps of problem solving, what is the 12th step?
27. In Control chart, when 7 or more consecutive points occur on one side of the central line then the number of points is known as:
28. Which type of problem should be taken first from the following
29. Application of statistical concepts and techniques for control of quality in all areas is termed as
30. In the Round Robin Method of Brainstorming, what should a member do if he has no idea during his turn?
31. In compound graph bars are arranged in
32. Pareto analysis is based on two types, one is based on Phenomenon, what is other?
33. Deming prize is a Japanese quality award for contribution to the field of quality control given to
34. In Lean Quality Circle, Project is taken:-
35. How to implement 5’S at hove?
36. What is the last step of Juran’s Project by Project method?
37. Cause and effect diagram is
38. Expand the abbreviation TQM
39. Where was Quality Circle born
40. In a bar graph should each bar have the same width?
41. Cause and Effect Diagram is introduced in the period
42. Normally, which tool/technique you are use for the identification of problems
43. If you want to collect ideas or suggestions from your customers from all over India, which type ofBrainstorming will help you for this purpose?
44. Name the Statistical method divided by Dr. K. Ishikawa?
45. During problem identification stage, which type of brain storming will be more useful for the Quality Circles?