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1. What are not correct with the Advantages of Jagruti Group?
2. In the sequence of problem solving steps, what is the next step after “Development of the Solution”
3. Name the concept which is a” study and application group” for learning, development and improvement.
4. What is the definition of Quality as per the Dr. J. M. Juran?
5. For identification of problems which type of brainstorming may be used?
6. Quality is “Fitness for us” Who defined it this way?
7. Name the western approach which is based on rewards to the suggester.
8. Which of the following statements is not true? Quality Circles
9. Data obtained by count of defects, count of occurrences i.e. no. of accidents etc. can be termed as:
10. What is the frequency of doing Seiri
11. Which type of graph is Control Chart?
12. The Coordinator is suppose to inform the auditor for ?
13. In X-R Chart the Moving Range ‘R’ is:
14. Ability of a mind to move from one area (idea) to another area (idea) quickly, belongs to which key element of human creativity ?
15. What are the motivational necessary events to sustain 5’S System?
16. What is the prime objective of attending any convention?
17. In ‘5-S’ Home Certified, the name plate to be provided should have:
18. As per Dr. K Ishikawa, which circle is called as “ Sleeping Circle”.
19. The ability to look in to the future ie beyond the immediate facts is known as…..?
20. Which step of 5’S is useful in developing the skill of operator for doing Autonomous Maintenance
21. Which one does not belong to “Use ‘ONE’ as the best campaign”
22. JUSE, Japan, has changed one important element in Dr. Kishikawa’s definition of Quality Circle, regarding membership, Which is that?
23. Strata graph is also known as
24. What to be done by the coordinator, at least 2 days before the Steering Committee meetings on 5’s?
25. When can a leader support Piggy-backing in Quality Circle meetings?
26. LQC Group member can be
27. Can an Executive from a different department be a Facilitator in another area?
28. Problems identified by the total employees is divided into how many groups
29. Which one is not correct? Quality Circles are not
30. QC Members may be stratified as:
31. Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on
32. Lean Quality Circle is a:
33. The current “Vital few and useful many” was a modification from theearlier “vital few and
34. As per McGregor, which theory applies to Quality Circle concept?
35. Histogram is not used for:
36. Should the Facilitator be rotated?
37. Which statement is not applicable to Quality Circles?
38. What is the expanded form of QIT?
39. Which theory considers that work is as natural as play if it is associated with recognition?
40. The word KAIZEN is made with two words, one is KAI and other is ZEN what is the meaning of ZEN?
41. Which technique maybe used by QC Team for selection of problem?
42. What is the meaning of unwanted material for seiri?
43. In a Flow Diagram, what does a rectangle represent?
44. A is dependent on B if Coefficient of Correlation of A and B is - 0.9, What will be the contribution % of B to A
45. Generally data are of two types. One is Measurable Data, what is the second one?