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1. Is idea of Kaizen are restricted to the area of one’s function or work only?
2. Lean Quality Circle is :-
3. Among the given options, which one is not correct for the use of large amount of fertilisers and pesticides?
4. For making Histogram, 630 observations were taken. The highest reading is 96.2 gms and the lowest reading is 93.8 gms. If the least count of balance is 0.2 gm, calculate first class interval.
5. Best decisions are likely to be arrived at by taking decisions based on
6. Purpose of data collection is:
7. In a Flow Diagram, what does the rectangle represent?
8. Whose responsibility is to monitor Quality Circle activities regularly and suggest corrective actions if needed
9. A simple tabular format for recording data where additional processing is needed for interpretation is called:
10. Who observed that Quality defects are unequal in frequency?
11. Decision symbol in a flow diagram is shown by:
12. Out of three dimensions of management’s role to sustain the Quality Circles, oneis listening, second is Teaching, what is third one?
13. In Lean Quality Circle, Project is taken:-
14. Quality Circle concept was started in India in the year:
15. Which Quality Guru received the unique honour of developing sampling technique in 1940’s?
16. Which one of the following is not a typical feature of TQM?
17. Where can we use the concept of Five-S?
18. For establishing Total Quality Management in the organization, whose responsibility is to provide long term stability through building up the cadres down the line.
19. In which type of brainstorming Hitch hiking is not possible?
20. It is the principle of --------- that any one can give idea related to their concern area only:
21. Dr. Juran identified the phenomenon of ‘the vital few and useful many’ it is famous as..........
22. In the Round Robin Method of Brainstorming, what should a member do if he has no idea during his turn?
23. What is the first stage of industrial cycle as per Dr. A.V. Feignbaum?
24. Who taught Quality control to the Japanese after World War II?
25. What is the basic objective of Quality Circle?
26. What is the definition of Quality as per the Dr. J. M. Juran?
27. Which one of the following is not a natural (or rational) sub group?
28. Quality is “Fitness for us” Who defined it this way?
29. What is not the stages of statistical integrity?
30. 5’S concepts is the Gate way of ---
31. What is Hitch hiking in brainstorming?
32. Knowledge of problem solving is must for
33. What is Housekeeping in 5’S?
34. The results of Trial implementation and regular implementation
35. If the least count of a balance is 2 gm and the minimum weight out of 289 packets checked is 98 gms. What should be the lower limit of the first class interval?
36. How to represent data for easy understanding purposes even for a lay man:
37. During the Q and A sessions after Case Study Presentation by LQC Team Answer will be given by :-
38. Which of the problem solving tools is a graphical representation of a cause and effect between two variables?
39. “However sophisticated a process may be it will be impossible to produce two products identically same” who said this?
40. Who developed sampling techniques that were used for conducting 1940’s census in the USA?